Graduate students pose a different challenge for success coaches

July 24, 2018 · 1 min read · By ASU Online

The Graduate Insider highlights ASU Online's success coaches as an essential service helping students earn their degrees online.


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Success coaches have a long history of helping ASU Online undergraduate students prioritize their workload and be a resource for questions. But what about graduate students? They’re mature, self-motivated and already have lots of college experience. They bring a whole set of different characteristics and life experiences to the table. Luckily, ASU Online success coaches are prepared to help.

ASU Online success coaches work with graduate students to help them find a balance between life and school. Often times graduate students have careers, a family and other commitments they have to account for. Success coaches create personalized plans for each student according to their schedule.

“While the academic counselors help the students to plan their coursework and schedules, the success coaches help to synthesize all of the competing priorities to create plans that work for the student—helping them find balance, wellness and student success,” said Casey Evans, Director of Academic Program Management for EdPlus at ASU.

Evans also caught up with success coach Chris Kozma, who touched on some of the challenges that graduate students face and inquire about.

“Discussion topics often include identifying resources to help with APA Style writing (for some it has been many years since they have written an academic paper), strategies to effectively fit school into their already busy lives, and support resources when personal issues occur,” Kozma said.

Kozma said his biggest tips for ASU Online graduate students is to be prepared for life hurdles as they enter college while already being invested in so many other commitments.

“It’s not easy adding school into a busy work and life routine, but it becomes even more challenging when the unexpected occurs,” Kozma said.

While working with graduate students and leading them to success is no easy feat, Kozma loves the thrill of it all. Due to the rich personal and professional experiences and the life stories and goals of graduate students, Kozma says it’s extremely rewarding to watch them grow in their academics and eventually graduate.

ASU Online success coaches hold themselves to high standards when it comes to working with students. While a student’s experiences, hurdles and commitments may vary, the goal of helping each student reach their full potential remains consistent.

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