Finding confidence for the (online) classroom

September 25, 2019 · 3 min read · By Alicia Gillum

#LearnASULive team member and ASU Online student Alicia, advises students to remain open in their communication, develop speaking skills and take risks.


My former acting and voice over classes provided me with an opportunity to practice speaking and engaging with others in a non-threatening environment. The professionals who I worked with me gave constructive feedback and always encouraged me. This went a long way in helping me to develop self-confidence and has, in turn, helped me excel at presentations like the ones required for my classes.

ASU Online student, and brand ambassador, Alicia Maudilee Gillum, smiles outside.
ASU Online student and brand ambassador, Alicia Maudilee Gillum.

Another way I built confidence was by setting goals with a “due date,” usually within one to 5 years. In fact, I still use this strategy.

Posture is another area I had to develop poise in order to increase my confidence, as acting requires you to use your body and face as an extension of your performance. People read body language. Because of this, I had to learn to be aware of my positioning, as well as every movement I made. If I looked nervous, my audience could see this. If I smiled, they felt it. Becoming aware of my posture and physical presence took practice. I started reading out loud in front of a mirror. Then I would practice presenting to people that I knew I felt safe around, allowing them to critique my presentation and provide feedback.

"Reflecting on how I became more confident, I realize that self-confidence is built from experiencing small wins stacked on top of each other," says Alicia. 

One way I boosted my own confidence was by taking risks. I was a shy child who was afraid to speak. I had to challenge myself to jump into a conversation, and I eventually became more comfortable talking to others.

Alicia Maudilee Gillum

ASU Online student and Brand Ambassador
ASU Online student and Brand Ambassador, Alicia Maudilee Gillum, poses on the gras in a yoga position.
ASU Online student and Brand Ambassador, Alicia Maudilee Gillum, poses on the gras in a yoga position.
I visually display my goals so I can see them daily. I will cut out words of inspiration or pictures, and then I place them on a vision board. This helps me to put the direction I need to pursue in perspective.

Alicia Maudilee Gillum

ASU Online student and Brand Ambassador


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Alicia was a brand ambassador who graduated with a master's in healthcare innovation from ASU Online.

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