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October 10, 2017 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

We caught up with the Senior Student Services Lead, Mario, to understand what online Sun Devils are asking, confused by, and common issues his team hears. Mario’s team works with other ASU departments and students to resolve any questions or issues. Read on to get answers to questions you may have come across, or didn’t know you had.


Q: Success Coach vs. Academic Advisor, what’s the difference?
A: Your Academic Advisor will work with you to provide course recommendations, discuss credits, explain policies and procedures and keep you on track to graduate. Your Success Coach will help you balance school and work, set and meet goals (personal, professional and academic), alert you of issues, milestones or upcoming dates and help you navigate ASU resources. If you have questions, your Success Coach is a great place to start.
Q: Speaking of academic advising, what do I need to do before an appointment with my advisor?
A: You should take a few minutes to prepare before any meeting with an advisor to ensure you’re making the most of your time (your Success Coach can help with this if needed). Come with questions you want to have answered and make sure you’re in a quiet place with few distractions (hint: not while driving). Don’t let a semester pass without checking in with your advisor.
Q: What’s the deal with end of course surveys?
A: ASU wants you to have the best possible student classroom experience. The end of course surveys are very important to get the feedback from you on what went well, what didn’t and any suggestions for future Sun Devils in this course. These surveys are sent directly to our quality assurance and instructional design teams to improve our classes   
Q: Commencement vs. Convocation, what’s the difference?
A: Commencement is the university-wide (graduate and undergraduate) ceremony where you’ll hear speakers and see ASU administration (your name won’t be called across the stage). Convocation are school and special interest group specific and your name will be called to walk across the stage. Convocations usually run for a week and Commencements are usually on the Monday of graduation week. FYI - ASU Online students are welcome and encouraged to come to campus and participate in any ceremony they are eligible for, there is not an ASU Online specific ceremony. The ASU Graduation Website s a great resource if you have more questions (your Success Coach can help too).
Q: I’ve heard of the cost calculator, but how do I use it?
A: The cost calculator is a great tool if you are starting your research on coming to Arizona State or looking at changing majors or campus to ASU Online. This tool will give you the breakout of the tuition and fees associated with the specific program of interest. This cost calculator updates with any any changes to the tuition and costs at ASU which can fluctuate from year to year.  You can use this tool to better plan your funding options and help with your decision process of finding the right degree.
Q: How closely do I need to follow the academic calendar?
A: You should always review the academic calendar with each upcoming semester. There are key dates throughout the semester and year that may impact you such as add/drop dates, financial dates and class schedule dates such as registration opening. This calendar is always highlighted on your MyASU page and has a link to the full calendar to see current and future semester key dates.  


If you have any questions about these questions (so many questions) you can contact your Success Coach (844-691-2240) for help.


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