Build self discipline in online learning

June 07, 2022 · 1 min read · By ASU Online
Self-motivation and self discipline in online classes are essential skills for online students. Keep reading for tips to stay motivated when you enroll in an online degree program. 

Tips to avoid a lack of self discipline in online learning

When you enroll in an online program, you make the decision about where and when you complete your assignments. With just a few reminders, you can stay on track to reach your academic goals and build self discipline in online classes. There are a variety of ways to stay motivated and organized, including:


Blocking off time each week to study

Scheduling weekly study time can help you successfully balance your career and home life with coursework. Otherwise, you risk playing catch up late into the night.


Connecting with other online students

It’s good to have supportive friends and fellow students who have your back; and you’ve got theirs. Connect with and build support groups with other students in your school or program and keep each other motivated and on task during your studies. 

Arizona State University offers a number of ways to connect with fellow online Sun Devils. Some of those groups and resources include:


Creating an assignment due-date calendar

A due date calendar is an effective tool for checking progress and crossing items off a list as they are completed. This can help you stay on track to meet your goals and build self discipline in online learning. If you find yourself falling behind in your courses, follow these tips for catching up.


Keeping an end goal in mind

Focusing on your end goal, such as completing your degree or advancing your career, can also help to keep up your self discipline in online classes.


Utilize your ASU Online success coach

ASU Online students have support from day one. After you enroll, you’ll be assigned a success coach who will connect you to a range of ASU support services. Your success coach will reach out to you regularly to support you in staying on track to accomplish your educational goals. You can schedule an appointment at any time, for any reason. From time management to maintaining self discipline in online learning, your success coach will be there every step of the way. 

Whether you’re returning to higher education or this is your first time in college, having self discipline in online learning is critical. You may find that balancing your personal responsibilities with your coursework is easier than you think. The key is to maintain self discipline, build a relationship with your success coach and utilize all of the resources ASU Online offers.

5 time management tips for online students

Follow these time management tips to stay on top of your studies (and still have a life).


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