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Develop self-motivation skills before starting online courses

July 27, 2016 · 1 min read · By ASU Online
Self-motivation and discipline are essential qualities for online students. Prospective online learners should keep this in mind as they enroll in online degree programs.

Discipline is key to balance an education with other responsibilities, experts say

Some organizational tips online students should practice include blocking off study time each week, keeping an end goal in mind, creating an assignment due date calendar, and connecting with other online students. Scheduling study time each week can help online students successfully balance their career and home life with school work; otherwise, students risk playing catch up late into the night.

Remembering an end goal, such as completing a degree or career advancement, can help online students stay motivated to finish their coursework and graduate. A due date calendar is an effective tool for checking progress and crossing items off a list as they are completed, which can help online learners stay on track to meet their goals.

And connecting with other online students via discussion boards or a Facebook group, for example, allows online learners to find their peers and relate with others throughout their studies.

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