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April 19, 2021 · 3 min read · By Shad Johnson
Going to college online can be lonely and may sometimes seem like you’re in a dark cloud, but there are many ways to connect with other students virtually. I became a Sun Devil in 2019, and the number of collegemates I’ve connected with online from all over the country since then is astonishing.

Here are a few ways I made connections and got involved while pursuing my online degree at Arizona State University.

1. Sun Devils Connect

The Sun Devils Connect Facebook group is always the first group I recommend to new Sun Devils that reach out to me. This group is an amazing way to meet other students who may be taking the same classes as you in the current or upcoming semester. This group makes me feel like I’m a part of a community. Whenever I need help or support, someone is ALWAYS willing to help out. You’re not alone!

2. Instagram

Instagram has a way of connecting people all over the world. The use of hashtags (like #learnASUlive) brings students together just as if we’re on campus. I remember posting an image on my story one Sunday and discovering that one of my fellow Sun Devil classmates was taking the same class. They were, like me, finding the material a bit hard to comprehend. We were able to assist each other throughout the rest of the course and motivate each other to keep going even though it was challenging.

3. Canvas

Canvas has an option to email students who are in your class, and it took me more than a year to figure this out! I was taking a Spanish class and we were placed into groups for an assignment. We were given Zoom links to record the assignment; however, there were technical difficulties with the link. I got worried so I emailed the professor, but while waiting for her response, I discovered that there’s an option to email students in my class directly. I emailed my classmate and we connected. We both found that practicing speaking Spanish together one-on-one was so helpful. It was encouraging to know that you’re not the only one who feels lost sometimes. We kept emailing each other after and kept connected to practice more Español!

4. Clubs and organizations

I’ve never had the on-campus college experience, but being an ASU Online student feels pretty AMAZING! I’ve never felt left out.

A group of girls started an online sorority, and while I never imagined this would be my thing, I think it was one of the best ideas! From activities like movie screenings to just having a group of girls to have fun with makes it an experience of a lifetime!


About the author

Shadane "Shad" Johnson is a brand ambassador for ASU Online. She lives in Mount Vernon, New York. Through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, Shad is pursuing a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a minor in Spanish

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