Career search advice for future grads

May 09, 2019 · 2 min read · By Alicia Gillum
Student ambassador Alicia Gillum offers tips on how you can look for jobs after graduation, starting with resume tips to networking.

You have studied hard to create a career path that will better your future. As a postgraduate, you’re now considered to be highly qualified. You may feel a sense of accomplishment, but have no idea where to begin when it comes to searching for a job. Here are some career search tips to get you on the path to your dream job after graduation:

  • Your resume is your selling piece, allowing you to show off your skills. Because of this, it’s important to revamp your resume and highlight the areas that you have mastered. Start off with a clear career objective that defines the path that you hope to take. Impress employers by including your GPA. Personal accomplishments should stand out on the page (you should be proud of them!). Recap the positions held with your current and past employers. Try to be as specific as possible about what you did in each of those roles, highlighting some of the projects you may have worked on and any impact you may have made.
  • As an online student, you’re already expected to be familiar with Microsoft Word and other basic Office programs. Instead of focusing on those general skills, showcase less common skills, like what you can do in Adobe or if you’re familiar with coding. This can help show the strengths of your computer knowledge. Be sure your email address is professional. Try to stay away from catch phrases that can hurt your chances of consideration.
  • Now that you have tackled your resume, it’s time to use the resources available to you to help you land your next job. ASU has Career Services that allow you to explore the career area of interest. You can schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor, find career events, search for jobs, and much more.
  • There are other opportunities available that can help you, such as networking events. Bring some resumes, as you never know who you may bump into. Staffing firms look for the best candidates to file open positions. Many times, these roles are not publicly advertised. Schedule a meeting with a recruiter at a staffing firm to help get your foot in the door.
  • Online job boards always have jobs posted that you could apply to, too. When you upload your resume, employers and recruiters can easily find you. You can also set up job alerts for positions that match your search criteria.

Good Luck!


About the Author

Alicia was a brand ambassador who graduated with a master's in healthcare innovation from ASU Online.

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