Busy schedules don’t stop online students from earning degrees

January 17, 2017 · 1 min read · By ASU Online

Life doesn’t stop for students who choose to pursue their education online, and this is especially true for non-traditional students. For many ASU Online students, pursuing their education requires balancing their family life and a full-time job.


There are a variety of reasons why ASU Online’s more than 19,000 students have chosen to embark upon their educational journey. Some have experienced roadblocks in their careers and have chosen to complete advanced degrees in order to move forward. Others see continued education as a fulfilling challenge to overcome.

Regardless of the student’s reason for continuing education, ASU Online’s easily accessible course format was designed with the student experience in mind, ensuring that students will be able to succeed no matter their background.

Courses are flexible and provide students with full access to reading materials, videos, tutorials, and coursework in a digital environment. Taking advanced courses while maintaining a full-time position also allows students to apply skill sets learned in the classroom directly to their job.

Life doesn’t pause after the decision is made to attend university. Luckily, the flexibility offered by ASU Online empowers a diverse array of students the opportunity to continue their education without having to.

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