The benefits of an applied business and technology solutions degree

August 22, 2023 · 3 min read · By ASU Online
What’s ASU Online’s applied business and technology solutions degree all about? We asked staff at the W.P. Carey School of Business to give us the details on the flexibility it offers students, who’s a good candidate for the program and more.

What are the key differences between this program and the other undergraduate business programs?

There are several distinctions between this program and other W. P. Carey bachelor programs. The biggest differences are:

  • It doesn’t require calculus.
  • It allows students to earn academic credit for business-related work done outside of the classroom.
  • It allows students to customize their degree beyond just one area of focus. Students can customize their degree by choosing up to two specializations from the 14 available options. Each specialization consists of 12 credit hours.

Another of the key differences between this program and other undergraduate programs at W. P. Carey is the inclusion of our applied business data analytics suite of courses.

Data analytics has become an essential part of business. Our suite of applied business data analytics courses will help students solve problems, make strategic decisions and drive growth in business.


What do we mean when we say this degree is more flexible than other business degrees?

There are several types of flexibility the applied business and technology solutions degree offers. For one, students have the flexibility to continue working in their current job and even earn internship credit for the work they do outside the program. Also, this program is more flexible in the math requirement. By not requiring calculus like many other business programs, students can focus on data analytics skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

Many transfer students earn credits that may not directly transfer to meet course requirements in other business programs. In the applied business and technology solutions program, students can earn up to 19 credits of electives that could be fulfilled by these credits. This offers an opportunity for transfer students to maximize as many of their transfer credits as possible.


How can this bachelor’s degree benefit those already working?

One of the great features of this program is that it allows students to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to work they are doing outside of the classroom, and earn academic credit for doing so. Students can earn up to 12 hours of academic internship credit within this degree program.


Should someone who has a bachelor’s degree in another subject consider earning this degree?

The flexibility of this program does lend itself to be paired with degree programs outside of business. For example, if someone wants to start their own fashion brand, this would be a great pairing to their fashion degree to learn more about running a successful business. Additionally, this would be a great degree option for someone who’s looking to re-career or become more competitive in the job market.


What can students do to plan for success in this program?

Learn about the resources available to you. There are peaks and valleys to everyone’s educational journey. Knowing where to get help or support can alleviate how deep those valleys go. ASU and W. P. Carey both provide many resources to students, from tutoring to our online student community.

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The following W.P. Carey School of Business staff members contributed to this article:
  • Michele Pfund, senior associate dean for undergraduate programs
  • Nguyen Le, executive director of curriculum operations for undergraduate programs
  • Danalee Brehman, director of academic advising

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