Advice from a graduating ASU student from #learnASUlive brand ambassador Drew

December 02, 2020 · 3 min read · By Andrew McDowell
ASU Online Brand Ambassador Drew McDowell, who’s pursuing a Master of Arts in sociology online, reflects on his college experience and shares advice for other people who are continuing (or starting) their educational journey.

As I approach the end of my academic journey (at least for now), I cannot believe what a whirlwind experience it has been. I have been looking back a lot, as one tends to do when a journey comes to an end, and reflecting on what I now wished others told me at the start of my ASU online/college career. This reflection has inspired me to share my advice to those continuing (or starting) their own ASU Online journey in the upcoming semesters.

First – There are a lot of academic options in front of you, and it can often feel overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t know everything that’s available, especially when it comes to courses. If you have an interest in a subject like sociology (and I am being COMPLETELY unbiased here), take Sociology 101 and search to see if sociology intersects with any of your interests (technology, healthcare, religion, etc.). This can be applied to many subjects, and you might just find a new love in academia if you explore!

Second – You are not alone, and you do not have to go at it alone either. ASU Online offers academic advisors in the same capacity as ASU’s land campus, just in a virtual format. These wonderful members of Team ASU are full of knowledge to help guide you! Unsure about how to get a hold of an advisor? Check here! On that same note, I was shocked to find out just how many students do not know about ASU’s 360 Life Services. This wonderful grouping of services for ASU students stands ready to help with counseling! I wanted to call this out especially with our current circumstances with COVID 19. If ever you are feeling the need/desire to speak with someone, please do not hamper that feeling and need – you are cared about!

Third – Something great lies beyond education and being a student. You dared to take a big step for your future and enrolled in ASU Online. Each event, course, and decision about your career and education is a step further into that future. I am here to tell you to not be afraid if that future does not offer some pristine, easy, and straight line to your goal. Learning, growing, and becoming are all messy – as they should be! I started out as a sure-headed anthropology student that took a class that became a roadblock my sophomore year. However, that roadblock turned me into a sociology graduate student and I could not be happier about it! Through the mess that is life, remember you can always find a passion for something you never thought twice about. And if you utilize my tips above, you can come out stronger than you thought – even through the mess! I wish everyone who reads this luck! Dare to step, reach out for help, and explore!


About the author

Andrew is a brand ambassador and an ASU Online student in the master of sociology program.

We're so excited to share Drew’s story! Drew is a part of our #learnASUlive team, an ASU Online brand ambassador program highlighting students who are earning their degrees while living their lives to the fullest. If you enjoyed this, be sure to check back for new articles from Drew so that you can follow along with his journey.

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