5 ways STEM education can inspire your professional path

November 19, 2020 · 5 min read · By ASU Online
The job outlook for STEM students is promising. Occupations across science, technology, engineering and math are projected to grow 8% between 2019 and 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As these fields continue to expand, skilled professionals are needed to fill the estimated 797,800 new job opportunities expected to be created.

5 ways a STEM education can equip you for what’s next

As a graduate of one of our STEM programs, you can apply your skills across various industries. With the knowledge you attain, you may be able to advance in your current role or qualify for a new role entirely. The opportunities a STEM education can provide are seemingly limitless. Below our STEM students share some of the ways their online education from ASU has benefitted their professional path.

Benefit from hands-on learning and challenging STEM courses

ASU is ranked #1 for innovation and has been for six consecutive years. We value the importance of staying current with STEM learning techniques, establishing hands-on education and working with distinguished faculty who excel in their field. That’s why we continually update our methods of online learning and our curriculums across science, technology, engineering and math.

Engaging STEM curriculum

Being a STEM student involves bold experimentation. We encourage a learning environment where students can safely take risks and explore creative ways to solve problems.

We also assign accredited lab components, such as at-home chemistry lab kits and online molecular biology labs utilizing virtual reality, to help students prepare for a variety of STEM-related roles. These lab kits and digital simulations provide all levels of online science students with lab experience and exposure.

Adaptive learning techniques

Adaptive math courseware, such as ALEKS, has helped increase the student success rate by over 20%. The software assigns students a non-graded test to determine their knowledge and creates an individualized learning path to help them advance. If a concept is forgotten, ALEKS makes recommendations and reviews knowledge retention.

This type of adaptive learning technology can enhance critical thinking skills, build a solution-focused mindset and improve instructor insight. This personalized approach has improved student grades and subject matter mastery.

Learn STEM from our renowned faculty

Our world-class faculty is ranked among the top 10 in the nation for a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, ahead of Stanford and Yale. Our professors are active scholars who nationally excel in their fields. They advance research initiatives, fuel discovery, inspire ingenuity and find solutions to complex problems.

Consisting of internationally recognized engineers, teachers, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs, our STEM faculty have received awards and high honors for their work. This rich history of academic and scholarly excellence directly translates to innovative coursework and an inspiring classroom experience.

We’re excited to share our students’ stories!

Online students Danielle S. Jones, Daniela Lopez and Lily Urmann have generously shared their experiences to help motivate more women to pursue a path in STEM.

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Foster a growth mindset.

Technology is continually changing, and the marketplace is steadily recalibrating to keep up. Your knowledge can help you foster a growth mindset that improves processes and encourages innovation.

“My STEM education has prepared me for my current role, as well as the future. I currently work as an analyst, so several core STEM courses have helped increase my analytical skills,” said Danielle, current online biomedical diagnostics graduate student. “If I decide to switch careers, I feel STEM has equipped me to be well-versed in multiple areas of the career force.”

Grow your analytical skills.

The ability to examine information and ask relevant questions is a powerful tool. Once you fully understand technology, you can begin taking steps to repair or even innovate it. Your analysis can directly support industry-wide progress.

“I think one of the most important things I’ve learned from this program at ASU is to be a better thinker and question everything. It has also shown me a good aspect and view of the research side to everything,” said Daniela, a current online student studying biological sciences.

Apply your knowledge to other industries.

The knowledge you build across science, technology, engineering and math can be applied to multiple disciplines. STEM perspectives span subject matter boundaries and allow students to use their knowledge and apply it across various fields and professional opportunities.

“Before, I just wanted to graduate and apply to medical school,” Daniela said. “Now, after taking these classes, I want to pursue a master’s or a Ph.D. program and then apply to medical school. I want to get involved in all the research and incorporate something to all the research that’s currently being done because it’s so important to our everyday life and our future. I think it’s important to fully understand what’s being done on the research side before you can pursue a career in medicine.”

Develop a solution-focused mindset.

The skills you develop through your STEM courses can translate to tools that solve real-world problems. That’s because even the most complex challenges have solutions.

“I was instantly curious about this new field of study called biomimicry. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature, and the methodology of looking to nature for design ideas is applicable to any field, including architecture, engineering, mathematics, art, health care, or business,” said Lily Urmann, an online master’s degree in biomimicry graduate. “This approach and practice give me so much hope for our future, since many of the solutions for the challenges we are currently facing already exist in the natural world.”

Learn new concepts that create new passions.

When you study STEM principles, you’ll be introduced to new approaches and processes. Exploring STEM courses on a deeper level can encourage creativity and ingenuity — and help cultivate your next career move.

“My experience in the program inspired a new interest in virology and immunology,” said Danielle.


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