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August 02, 2022 · 4 min read · By ASU Online
Marcie LePine, Arizona State University associate professor, finds happiness through building strong connections with her students. Passionate about education from a young age, she culminated her research on stress and leadership to empathize with her diverse community of students and prepare them for roles as leaders in business.

Natural leadership skills from a young age

Marcie LePine’s background contributed to her successful career as an award-winning associate professor. As she reflected on her childhood, she fondly remembered tutoring her younger siblings on letters and numbers with workbooks she created. She smiled as she remembered how she could be a little bossy.

“I would say, ‘Okay, it’s time to play school now.’ I would sit around the table and I'd teach them these things. And I would say they learned a lot from that,” said LePine.

Her childhood impacted her natural leadership skills and, as a first-generation college student, LePine understands student experiences in the diverse community attending Arizona State University. LePine’s students come first and her teaching style is deeply rooted in empathy, care and understanding.

In this video, Marcie LePine discusses her childhood and what led her to pursue a career in higher education.

A researched stress theory that encourages leadership

LePine’s ability to teach with compassion comes from her research on stress. She understands how lucky she is to be an ASU Online faculty member and carry out her research simultaneously.

“I love both aspects of my job: the research side of what I do and the teaching side of what I do,” LePine said. “I feel very fortunate to be able to have found a job where I can do what I'm passionate about, all that I'm passionate about.”

Through her research she created her own stress theory, dividing stressors into two categories:

  • Challenge stressors, which are motivational and include responsibilities you strive to complete.
  • Hindrance stressors, otherwise known as inconveniences you want to get rid of.

Her understanding of stress leads to compassion for her students that goes beyond the traditional student-teacher relationship.

“The students are not only students, but many of them work, sometimes full-time, part-time. Some have multiple jobs. Some are parents as well or have other family members that they're taking care of,” said LePine.

LePine also studies leadership, which she integrates with her stress theory. There are two types of leaders: those who focus on tasks and those who focus on relationships. She believes an accomplished leader is someone who can do both.


The opportunity to influence a diverse community of students

LePine teaches management and organizational behavior at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her pursuit to support her students draws on ASU Online’s goal of education for all.

With online learning, students have the freedom to fit learning into their everyday lives. As a representative of ASU Online faculty, LePine highlights the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in business and education.

“What online education does is it provides opportunities to those who may not have had the opportunity to come to an actual classroom. The reach is much further. I believe we're seeing more diversity as a result of this,” LePine said.

LePine attributes her challenging experience as a first-generation college student to her compassion for students attending ASU Online. It is this awareness that enables her to teach with empathy.

“Teaching with empathy, having compassion for our students, understanding those struggles and really listening to them is certainly key,” states LePine.


An associate professor advocating for student success

LePine’s hard work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. She is a celebrated ASU Online faculty member and a recipient of the John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award, an award given by students.

“To be awarded by the students is something that I will always treasure,” LePine said. “It was such an honor for me to know that I am actually reaching those who I'm teaching and that they appreciate the work that I do and what I'm trying to do.”

LePine always knew that she wanted to teach in higher education. She’s grateful to be an ASU Online faculty member and encourages students to be compassionate leaders who seek to understand the individuals around them.

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