Course spotlight: PSY 510 – Professional Motivation and Leadership

June 04, 2024 · 2 min read · By ASU Online

Professional Motivation and Leadership is the beginning of your professional journey at ASU Online. In this course, you’ll explore the characteristics of professional leadership such as styles of communication, motivation and conflict resolution.


Course spotlight: PSY 510 – Professional Motivation and Leadership

Professional Motivation and Leadership can jumpstart a new career pathway for you or help you advance in your current field. As part of your exploration of effective leadership, this course includes reflection activities that address leadership styles and analyzes strategies for influencing organizational objectives. This coursework provides you the opportunity to improve your soft skills, become a greater team member and understand how psychology plays a role in organizational leadership.


Meet your instructor

The course is taught by world-class faculty, such as the Director of the Psychology Digital Immersion online programs at ASU and an Assistant Teaching Professor of Psychology in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Faculty research has also helped students explore how humans respond to threatening situations, with a focus on how students respond to stressful class material.

Instructors in this program have previously taught a special topics course on Developmental Psychology and Research Methods in the MS Psychology program — as well as various courses in the Undergraduate BA/BS program, including Effective Thinking, Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Gender.


How you’ll learn

This coursework utilizes online lectures, discussions, reading materials and applied projects to provide a comprehensive overview of subjects related to leadership. In this course, you’ll solve real-world challenges ranging from power dynamics and conflict resolution to productivity and inclusivity.


What you’ll get out of PSY 510

In this course, you'll gain valuable insight on theories of motivation that can be applied directly to your career, including Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory and Expectancy Theory. By understanding team dynamics, communication styles and strategies that foster collaboration, you'll be equipped to overcome common workplace challenges. You’ll also create a personalized development plan outlining specific goals, actions and timelines for continuous improvement in your leadership skills. Additionally, you'll delve into influence strategies, power dynamics and negotiation processes within organizational structures, enhancing your ability to navigate professional environments.

The many type of leadership careers you can pursue

Are you interested in beginning or advancing your career toward roles in leadership? ASU Online’s Master of Science in psychology with a concentration in industrial and organizational psychology will help you reach your goals. You’ll develop specialized skills, build your portfolio and gain valuable experience through hands-on learning.


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