How my film degree is already making an impact on my music career

By Ashley Wineland, Brand Ambassador. Online Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies student.

As a full time touring singer/songwriter, it always amazes me how genuinely shocked – and sometimes confused – people can be about the fact that I am pursuing my college education online. It’s often difficult for people to find the connection between my career as a singer and the value a college degree brings to it. Despite their initial shock, I am always happy to inform them how much of my degree I use on a daily basis.

When I enrolled in Arizona State University Online, I immediately gravitated to the Film and Media Studies degree. This program is specifically geared towards the evolution of our use of all media platforms and how the various elements of visual media come together and impact people and society. I knew that the classes involved with this path would aid me in my pursuit of a strong music career.

The film study portion of my degree has provided me with a deeper understanding of the visual media section of the entertainment industry.

Through my time at ASU Online, I have learned various theories and facts about how people consume media. This information has helped me when coming up with marketing strategies to maximize my social media platforms. It has also provided a better understanding between my fans and I, and our relationships with each other have grown stronger.

The film study portion of my degree has provided me with a deeper understanding of the visual media section of the entertainment industry. As an artist, I create music videos and have interacted with various professionals through television networks and such. The comprehension of how these other professionals in the industry operate allows me to have efficient communication with them and make our time working together flow more efficiently.

I still have a lot of learning to do here at Arizona State University, but I am already applying my coursework to my day-to-day life. My advice to those who are in pursuit of that perfect degree path: think outside the box. Knowing what you want to do and how you want to grow is key for picking the best route. There was not an online music degree for me to choose. Instead, I thought about how my career could grow and what other skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in my profession. Ask yourself the hard questions, think outside the box and into the future, and I guarantee you will find the path for you.

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