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June 13, 2023 · 4 min read · By ASU Online
ASU Online’s NCUIRE program offers undergraduate students in New College the unique opportunity to participate in faculty-mentored research. Participating students can gain the practical knowledge, skills and experience necessary to thrive in their academic and professional lives.  Research experiences also help develop and hone critical thinking.

Arizona State University’s New College Undergraduate Inquiry & Research Experiences (NCUIRE) program offers opportunities for New College undergraduate students to engage in meaningful research partnerships with faculty and peers.

Through NCUIRE, you can study within your field of interest or develop new passions you may not have previously explored. Research is offered in a variety of fields, including:

  • Arts and cultural studies.
  • Humanities.
  • Mathematical and natural sciences.
  • Social and behavioral sciences.

As undergraduate research experiences are not commonly provided by most colleges, ASU Online’s NCUIRE program stands out as an inclusive opportunity. This program has no GPA requirements, making it accessible to all students enrolled in New College's classes.

By providing a platform for research collaboration amongst undergraduates, NCUIRE’s goal is “to make access to research barrierless,” said Dr. Vernon Morris, Associate Dean, Knowledge Enterprise and Strategic Outcomes.

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What are the benefits of getting involved in research?

Research provides valuable, hands-on experience prior to graduation, giving you a competitive edge as you apply for jobs, master’s programs or pre-professional schools. It allows for a deeper exploration of coursework topics and the practical application of knowledge. As said by Eric Swank, associate director of NCUIRE, “in studying research, you learn how to ask the right questions.”

You can participate in a wide range of research opportunities tailored to meet your academic needs and interests.

If you prefer a less intensive workload or a more flexible time commitment, you can act as a research associate and work on meaningful tasks that align with your growing knowledge and skills.

If you’re pursuing a more immersive experience, our fellowship and scholar positions offer more rigorous research. As a fellow or scholar, you’ll have the opportunity to take charge of various aspects of your research, including formulating the research question, leading the literature review or conducting the analysis. In such cases, you can even become a co-author alongside your faculty mentor in prestigious journals, such as:

  • Current Zoology.
  • Frontiers in Microbiology.
  • Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.
  • Journal of Geometry.
  • Women's Reproductive Health.


What are the benefits of working with a faculty member?

Partnering with a faculty member presents an opportunity to collaborate with an expert in your area of interest and connect with a mentor who can offer guidance throughout your academic journey and beyond.

One of the best ways to find a faculty mentor is to reach out to one of your course instructors — past or present — who aligns with your interests. Ask the instructor about the possibility of collaborating on a research project funded through the NCUIRE program. If your professor agrees to collaborate, you’ll develop a proposal and get started.


Will I get paid?

You can earn class credit for your research or you can choose to forego the credit and receive a small stipend. If you select the stipend, you must meet your progress deadlines as outlined in your award letter in order to receive it.

Stipends range from $500 for a NCUIRE research associate, to $2,500 for a NCUIRE scholar and $3,000 for a NCUIRE fellow.

Research associate positions are available for students in their first or second year who prefer less rigorous research, while upper-division students can become fellows or scholars to undertake more serious and intensive research.


Will I get to present my research?

The New College Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Symposium hosts an annual convention for students to present their research findings. The symposium features a keynote address, poster session and student awards. Students present their research in poster format, which faculty judges evaluate to determine the recipients of the student awards.

“Through the symposium, online students have the unique opportunity to showcase their work, present evidence persuasively, develop social capital and expand their network,” said Eric Swank, associate director of NCUIRE. “They also have the chance to observe and engage with the presentations of their peers, allowing them to practice analyzing original research and synthesizing competing arguments.”

By sharing your real-world findings and speaking to your research, you’ll develop the skills necessary for your future career. You’ll practice these skills and gain the experience you need to pursue your chosen field with confidence.

Gain hands-on research experience through ASU Online’s OURS program

The OURS program was created to provide hands-on research experiences to online students interested in careers in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.


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