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Online graduate criminal justice and law degrees

July 28, 2021 · 9 min read · By ASU Online
Arizona State University has many online master’s degrees in criminal justice and law to help professionals advance their careers in a complex, ever-changing field.

Aspiring criminal justice professionals

In addition, new issues are constantly arising, and they further complicate criminal justice theory. The unprecedented 9/11 terrorist attacks, the current opioid epidemic and cyberterrorism have law enforcement, judges, forensic psychologists, investigators and more struggling to make practical, efficient changes to outdated operation methods.

One such change is to use evidence-based crime reduction strategies, but government and law enforcement officials need critically analyzed research to implement policies that work. Overall, organizations across the fields of law and criminal justice need knowledgeable professionals to make vital changes on community and nationwide scales.

An online criminal justice degree may help current and aspiring professionals gain the expertise and critical thinking skills necessary to devise solutions that will:

  • Create more accurate criminal databases
  • Improve sentencing laws to better deter crime
  • Eliminate wasteful spending across law enforcement agencies
  • Prevent international and domestic terrorism

Undergraduate programs address these topics, but an online master’s degree in criminal justice can help individuals thoroughly understand specific nuances related to crime and law, allowing them to address challenges more effectively.

The various online criminal justice and law graduate programs and certificates from ASU can help professionals advance their careers and implement policies that strengthen their communities, the country and the world.

Criminal justice (MA)

Emergency management and homeland security (MA)

Forensic psychology (MS)

Global security (MA)

Legal studies (MLS)

Public safety leadership and administration (PSLA)

Corrections leadership and management (Graduate certificate)

Criminal sentencing and sentencing advocacy (Graduate certificate)

Law enforcement administration (Graduate certificate)

Earning an online criminal justice master’s degree with ASU

The numerous online criminal justice and law graduate programs offered from ASU can help students advance their careers as researchers, legal aides, investigators, consultants and more. The online format provides convenience and flexibility, allowing working professionals to earn their degrees in a manner that suits their lifestyles.

Program details are subject to change. Current information can be found at ASU Online's law, criminal justice and public service degrees page.

1,055 Terrorist Attacks Took Place in 2017, Resulting in 6,123 Fatalities by PeachTech Lab
Increase in Targeted Cyber Attacks by Symantec
America’s incarceration rate is at a two-decade low, by Pew Research Center
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