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As Arizona State University is preparing for the start of the new academic year, advancing the well-being of the ASU community is a full team effort. We recognize that our actions impact the lives and health of others, and by working together we can keep each other healthy, informed and notified about all things COVID-19 at ASU.

With classes set to resume on August 20, 2020, the University will be taking proactive measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and promote well-being for all Sun Devils. Starting August 17, ASU is asking all students to “check in” on their health. As an ASU Online student, while this is not required, you are encouraged to check in every day, even though you are not coming to campus for class. Being mindful of our health during the pandemic will help promote a healthy working and learning environment.

We recognize that our online students are facing life and family challenges due to the pandemic and want to make sure you have the support and services you need in order to succeed. For information related to the health checks and regarding the support and services offered to our online students, please see the below list of FAQs that you will need to know as we begin classes this semester.

As an ASU Online student, am I required to complete the Daily Health Checks?

No. While not required, health checks are optional for ASU Online students and you are encouraged to download the ASU Mobile App to participate and in order to access additional health and wellness resources provided by ASU.

Where can I download the app?

Download the ASU Mobile App online.

I was locked out of My ASU and the ASU system because I didn’t complete a health check, now what?

Please contact your Success Coach immediately. As an ASU Online student, the health checks are not a requirement.

Who should I reach out to with questions?

Your Success Coach can continue to be your main point of contact with the university. Please know that your success coach is there to talk to you and continue to connect you with resources at ASU to support your academic and personal needs.

What resources is ASU providing me as an online student?

Just because you’re learning online, doesn’t mean you’re alone. We know you’re capable of great things. And we’re dedicated to your success. With ASU Online, you have an entire support system to tap into for assistance when you need it. These resources include:

  • Virtual Fitness:  Sun Devil Fitness has moved online! Check out the calendar and join in! 
  • Devils 4 Devils: We are dedicated to the inclusion of all students and improving the social emotional well-being of the communities we serve.
  • Success Coaching:  Coaches are here to help support Sun Devils! Reach out for ways to be successful both in and outside of the classroom. 
  • Mindfulness Center:  Take a break from the day with some mindfulness exercises. 
  • 360 Life Services:  Free counseling services are available to ASU Online Sun Devils 24/7.

I have been really stressed and unsure if I can continue my classes. What should I do?

For many of us, these times bring a heightened sense of anxiety and stress, so please remember that by being a Sun Devil, you have access to 360 Life Services, where you can speak to a licensed clinician 24/7, for free. You can access 360 Life Services through My ASU or you can call them directly at 833-223-9883. It is ok to reach out for help, do it for yourself and those around you.

Will anything be different when it comes to my classes?

No. While things may look a little different for our on-campus, in-person student population, as an online student, your online classes will proceed as normal which means you will be able to access your courses directly through My ASU and Canvas.

*Updates to the ASU Mobile App surrounding the Daily Health Checks and additional information related to COVID-19 will not be available until August 17. Please make sure to update or download the app on that date.

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