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October 12, 2017 · 1 min read · By ASU Online

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What if you can’t be where you need to be? A question that many students have asked themselves over the course of their education. In the last seven years, ASU Online has made learning possible for 75,000+ students, from right where they are.

For these students, it’s no longer a question of where or how, but when can they apply.

This semester, almost 27,000 students enrolled at Arizona State University through one of the more than 150 undergraduate and graduate degree programs online. For most people, a degree means bettering their lives or the lives of their family.

In a world where college can be challenging for those already established in their careers and in society, ASU Online continues to be the most convenient way to earn a degree for many.

“The students we serve are already in society. They have significant life experience; they are mature. They just lack a degree,” said Phil Regier, university dean for educational initiatives and CEO of EdPlus.

So far, ASU Online has become a way for people to continue with their lives, while earning their degree.

ASU Online also continues to proactively address its students personal issues, as well as make way for better learning experiences.

“These students aren’t putting their lives on hold while they attend school,” Regier said. “Their lives continue with all of the things that happen to working adults.”

The Student Success Center helps keep students on track, and act as a reference to any non-academic related issues as they happen. Success coaching is one of the unique aspects about ASU Online, and part of the reason ASU was named the most innovative university for the third consecutive year.

ASU Online continues to making game-changing educational initiatives, that include everyone in eventually earning a college degree.

At ASU, we couldn’t think of a better outcome.

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