ASU and Starbucks unite to create unprecedented college achievement plan

February 11, 2019 · 1 min read · By ASU Online
Via ASU Now. Arizona State University’s distinguished online programs were designed to create more opportunity for students who are juggling work responsibilities and require flexibility. So it’s a natural fit that ASU now partners with Starbucks on the College Achievement Plan (CAP), which offers U.S.-based partners (employees) of the major coffee franchise accessible higher education options.

ASU Online removes barriers to a high quality education

At the root of this partnership is a shared belief between ASU and Starbucks that everybody has the right to pursue a quality education.

As Starbucks redefines how a public company can support its staff’s aspirations, ASU continually innovates to elevate how degrees are offered online to help remove barriers to a top-tier education.

Through the program, all benefits eligible Starbucks partners can apply to receive full tuition reimbursement from Starbucks to finish their bachelor’s degrees through ASU Online. These students will access the same online programs available to all students at ASU, following the same rigorous curricula and earning the same degrees taught by our esteemed faculty.

ASU’s programs are built to scale as they grow in popularity. This means ASU is prepared to maintain low faculty-student ratios and offer dedicated support staff to accommodate this influx of new students.

Learn more about the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.


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