10 ways ASU is changing digital education

June 05, 2019 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

People regularly want to know what sets ASU Online apart in the digital space. Our innovation, accessibility and commitment to inclusion have impacted the world through multiple projects and initiatives.Recently ranked the #1 most innovative university by U.S. News & World Report for the third year in a row, we are continuing to put our unique spin on the digital learning landscape. Here are 10 ways ASU is changing digital education:


We give students a fresh start

Update: Global Freshman Academy is now known as Universal Learner Courses.

With our Global Freshman Academy, students can get a fresh start at college without transcripts or applications, and only pay for their tuition once they are satisfied with their grade. At ASU, we focus on inclusion rather than exclusion and we want anyone anywhere to be able to try college without risking their GPA.

We encourage our students to chat

Hallway conversations are fine by us! In fact, we encourage all our students to chat with each other, as well as their professors. We developed an instant messaging application called Pitch, that allows for multiple seamless conversations. Download for iOS | Download for Android

We are pros at driving scale

With over 30,000 ASU Online students, the non-traditional student is becoming the new traditional student. We’ve been able to scale our programs online by opening more than 150 degree programs since its inception, so ASU Online students can get the Sun Devil experience from their living room.

We’re constantly making courses better

At ASU, we love research. We love it so much, that we established a lab which focuses on making learning better and easier for our online students. The Action Lab at EdPlus is dedicated to studying the science behind digital learning, and how learning online is a vital part of equipping students with the tools to learn new skills throughout their lifetime.

We coach our students when they need it

A unique part of ASU Online is that each student is assigned a success coach to help them along their journey. Success Coaches facilitate conversations with students related to academic and personal goals, career aspirations, and they are our students go-to person for support, overcoming obstacles and connecting them to other campus resources.

We’re fueling education

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan enables any Starbucks partner (employee) in the U.S. to attend ASU Online with full tuition reimbursement, through an innovative partnership between Starbucks and ASU. This is another example of how ASU, through its unique partnerships, is helping shape innovation in higher education, particularly with ASU Online.

We’re making affordability transparent

At ASU, we’re dedicated to making college accessible and affordable, and the cost of your education transparent. Currently, more than 80% of our students use some sort of financial aid. With the cost calculator, potential students can also calculate what their cost of tuition would be, so they are better prepared for their future.

We have friends in London and Sydney

Want to internationalize your degree and engage with other students from around the globe- all from your hometown? PLuS Alliance partners with two other leading universities to make that happen! Take select courses from King’s College, London and UNSW Sydney.

We innovate with other industry leaders

We partnered with adidas to jump start a Global Sport Alliance that goes beyond the playfield, to include research into diversity, sustainability and human potential, as well as scholarship opportunities for adidas employees. Hats off to our partners who are always ready to innovate with us!

We’re here to collaborate

ASU Online professors collaborate with instructional designers to bring each individual online course to life. Our instructional designers work hard behind the scenes to bring our students the most engaging online experience, and they are the very definition of the university’s commitment to innovation.


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