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ASU Online student stories

ASU Online students come from different walks of life, but they all share the same goal: to earn a high-quality college education. Learn more about some of the students who have invested in their future and achieved their dream of earning their degree.

Photo of Ric Leutwyler

Ric Leutwyler

ASU Venture Devil Mentor

"[Venture Devils] makes it easy for ASU Online students to participate. In some ways, they may even have an advantage, since their regular use of online resources and virtual instruction is well suited for the Venture Devils approach to communication and engagement."

-Ric Leutwyler, ASU Venture Devil Mentor

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Photo of Natalie Sparaccio

Natalie Sparaccio

ASU Online Student Interdisciplinary Studies & Organizational Leadership

“In college, high school, even middle school the real challenge was learning and devoting myself to the material. I love that ASU Online wants to be such a large part of that balance and see you achieve things academically and personally, which helps me be more motivated to accomplish my goals.”

-Natalie Sparaccio, ASU Online Student

Photo of Tyler Fellman

Tyler Fellman

ASU Online Student Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering and MBA

"ASU Online provided the flexibility I needed to pursue both a venture and higher education ... In [Venture Devils], I was surrounded by like-minded students who were all interested in entrepreneurship.”

-Tyler Fellman, ASU Online Student

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Photo of Lisa Taverner

Lisa Taverner

ASU Online Student RN to BSN Nursing Program

“I had never done online classes before, so I was totally intimidated. I use email and other operating systems at work, but I knew this would be hard for me. I wasn’t familiar with PowerPoint, blogging or Blackboard, but there were so many people there to support me.”

-Lisa Taverner, ASU Online Student

Photo of Egbert Oostburg

Egbert Oostburg

ASU Online Student Master of Global Management

“For a student who wants to start a business, you’re directly applying concepts learned in class to figure out whether you have a viable product. Access to the mentors and staff at Venture Devils alone is invaluable."

-ASU Online student, Egbert Oostburg

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Photo of Alex Davis

Alex Davis

ASU Online Student Doctorate in Leadership and Innovation

“What really attracted me to ASU was the commitment to innovation and the constant drive to look for new ways to do things. President Crows stance on innovation and leadership is what made me decide that ASU Online was the right school for me.”

-Alex Davis, ASU Online Student

Photo of Krista Williams

Krista Williams

ASU Online Student Bachelor of Science in Communication

“I'm taking a gender and communication class which has helped me a lot to communicate my needs to people. My brain has woken up and I want to ask more questions and learn more things, every class is helping me communicate what I want to do, and has opened up this whole other world of possibility!”

-Krista Williams, ASU Online Student

Photo of Joshua Breitag

Joshua Breitag

ASU Online Student BAS in Operations Management

“I looked at several different degree programs. ASU had the best fit as far as my work/life balance and personal life balance and a degree that made sense for my field. It was a convenient program, and I saw Veterans programs set up so I knew they had dealt with Vets before.”

-Joshua Breitag, ASU Online Student

ASU Online faculty stories

Our students learn from some of the brightest intellectuals across the globe. ASU’s faculty is made up of a number of Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize Winners, Fulbright American Scholars and Guggenheim Fellows to name a few. Hear what our students and faculty have to say about their experience with ASU Online.

Photo of Carl Hermanns

Carl Hermanns

Assistant Clinical Professor of the Master of Education in Educational Leadership

“I threw myself back into education to see how I could best contribute to systemic change in our public schools.”

- Carl Hermanns, ASU Online Faculty Member

Photo of Colleen Clemency Cordes

Colleen Clemency Cordes

Assistant Clinical Professor & Director of the Doctorate in Behavioral Health

“I get to train people to do what I am most passionate about clinically, essentially filling a niche that was empty during my own training.”

- Colleen Clemency Cordes, ASU Online Faculty Member

Photo of Angela Giron

Angela Giron

Assistant Clinical Professor of the Master of Liberal Studies

“... there is someone on the other end who cares deeply about teaching and their learning. I help students from all backgrounds — and we have many in our online community — fulfill their own passions for learning.”

- Angela Giron, ASU Online Faculty Member

Photo of Penelope Adams Moon

Penelope Adams Moon

Associate Clinical Professor and Director of Master of Arts in History

“All of our online students, be they working parents, lifelong learners, active duty military personnel, they all come to this degree from vastly different backgrounds and at different stages in life. But by offering the degree online, we’re reaching new and different types of students, students whose voices have been absent from graduate education…”

- Penelope Adams Moon, ASU Online Faculty Member

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