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  • How do I access my online course?

    • Login to: My ASU
    • Enter your ASURITE ID and password
    • You should see your classes listed on the "My Classes" tab
    • Click on the link for your class

    Classes are typically accessible the weekend before the course start date.

  • How do I find and enroll in classes?

    • Login to: myASU
    • Enter your ASURITE ID and password
    • Locate the 'Class Search' at the bottom of the 'My Classes' box
    • Choose a subject and the online campus
    • Once you find your class click 'Add' to the far right
    • Follow the enrollments steps
  • How do I find my advisor?

    • Login to: myASU
    • Enter your ASURITE ID and password
    • Once in the page you will your degree program in the right hand corner with 'Advising' underneath in red
    • Click 'Advising' and you will be shown your advisor's name and phone number
  • I completed the undergraduate admission process, when will I be able to register?

    You will receive an ASUrite ID and activation code via email after you submit your application for admission. The ASUrite allows you to check your admission status online through MyASU. Once you are admitted, you can check your eligibility to register. You may see one or more “Holds” on your record, which must be cleared before you can register for classes. Once all registration “Holds” are cleared from your record, you will be able to register on or after the assigned enrollment appointment (date and time) shown on your MyASU page.

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Application/Admission Process

  • Does ASU need anything besides my application?

    Your application is complete once you pay the application fee and ASU receives all of your required transcripts. If you haven’t completed an Associate of Arts degree have your high school transcript sent as well. Please have you transcripts sent to:

    Admission Services
    Arizona State University
    PO Box 870112
    Tempe, AZ 85287-0112

  • Will all of my college credits transfer?

    In general, transfer credit is awarded for courses meeting all of the following requirements:

    • Grade earned is a "C" or better (on a scale of 4.0)
    • Completed at a regionally accredited postsecondary institution in the United States
    • Course is considered to be college-level (not remedial) and is not highly technical/vocational
    • A maximum of 64 community college credits may be transferred to ASU

    Do you have international credits?

    There isn’t an "expiration date" for transfer credits that meet the eligibility requirements, although some courses (eg. Computers and Economics) may need to be retaken depending on their relevancy to today's courses.

    Certain types of credit cannot be transferred to ASU, including credit awarded by postsecondary institutions for life experience, workshops, and seminars. Military (JST) transcripts will be reviewed post-admission by the program advisor and college. Learn more here.

    Your academic advisor will tell you exactly how your transfer credits fit into your degree program.

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Paying for Your Education

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The Online Student Experience

  • Are online programs comparable in quality to on-campus programs?

    Yes. The same faculty and instructors that teach on the ASU campuses teach ASU Online courses. This means that the rigor and quality of the content, as well as the course load is the same as the on-campus classes.

    ASU Online students are full-fledged Sun Devils and your diploma and transcripts from ASU will look the same whether you take courses in classroom or online format. There is no indication on your diploma or transcript that your studies were completed online.

  • Can I attend graduation on campus?

    Yes! ASU Online students are encouraged to participate in university graduation ceremonies. More information can be found on the University Ceremonies website.

  • Can online students get a student ID card?

    Yes. Online students can order a Sun Card, ASU’s official student ID, by completing a Sun Card Request form.

  • Can you tell me about the "classroom?"

    ASU instructors and faculty use a variety of methods to share materials, have students interact, and to be able to monitor student’s progress throughout the course.

    One of the benefits of completing your degree online is flexibility. A few courses may require specific log-on times for certain activities or assignments, but most courses have assignments and due dates; when the student logs on to complete them is determined by the student. Some assignments and tests may only be available for a limited time (such as a 48-hour period), so they must be completed at some point within the designed time.

  • Do I have to be a techie to take online classes?

    It's helpful to be good with computers. If you plan to take all of your courses online, you should be technologically savvy—able to send and receive information, research, and communicate with others.

    At minimum, you need access to a computer that can access the internet, preferably with a high-speed connection. You should have access to email, and word processing, power point, and other applications needed to perform a variety of educational functions.

    If you get stuck, ASU has a 24/7 help desk that can answer questions and help resolve problems. Call 855.278.5080 (toll-free) or use the Help Desk Chat.

  • When are classes offered?

    ASU Online offers six start times every year. There are two starts during the spring semester, two during fall and two over the summer. Check the academic calendar for specific dates:

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