Take your interest in the world around you to the next level with a certificate in Geographic Information Science. This GIS certificate will provide you with the skills to utilize geospatial technologies to create visual representations of spatial and geographic information. It is complementary to a variety of degrees including geography, urban planning, life sciences, anthropology and others.
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Geography is an important aspect of the most pressing questions we face as a society. The ability to represent and interpret information in relation to place and space can be performed through the discipline of geographic information science. Students interested in understanding the world we live in can benefit from a certificate in Geographic Information Science. Complementary to many degree programs, this certificate provides a foundation for cross-disciplinary application of geographic information science.

Through the use of geospatial technologies, students will learn how to interpret geographic information, as well as how to create visual representations of the data. Coursework for the online GIS certificate includes foundational classes in the discipline, as well as the opportunity to specialize your learning path through elective courses.

For those interested in computer science, courses can include a focus on programming or databases. For students interested in visualization, available courses include cartography and photo interpretations. The cross-disciplinary applications of geographic information science allows for the specification of the certificate program to fit the needs and interests of students in the program.

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The skills and knowledge gained through this GIS certificate are useful in a variety of fields and disciplines. This certificate is meant to enhance skills that make students more competitive in the job market. Here are some of the online majors where a GIS certificate would enhance job opportunities:


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