Pitch is Moving to Slack

December 18, 2019 · 2 min read · By ASU Online

ASU's student services chat platform moved to Slack. Connect with your classmates and faculty there, any time!


New Year, new communication tool. Say goodbye to Pitch and hello to Success Coach connections in Slack. You are already loving the /giphys and emojis you can use in Slack, and we know you are also going to love it for connecting with your Success Coach.

Success Coaching in Slack has everything you know and love about Pitch, like community connections and real-time answers to your questions. Your classes are moving to Slack, and soon Slack will be your one-stop-shop for all of your student resources. 

Next time you open Slack, navigate to the ASU Online workspace and then to the ASU Online app once the app is open the friendly ASU Online Bot will give you a wave and you’ll be prompted to try out the new features. First thing’s first, you’ll see information about who your Success Coach is and what he/she can help you with. Then, once you answer a couple of quick questions (seriously, quick!), a private channel will be created for you, your Success Coach, and the ASU Online Bot. Only you and your Success Coach can view your conversations, just like in Pitch.

While your private channel with your success coach is a direct line to connect with him/her, there may be times when they are away (Success Coaches need vacations too!). If you have an immediate need and Slack tells you that your Success Coach will be away for a few days, you’ll now have the option to be assisted by another Coach or to wait until your coach is available.

Slack is also your social hub for Sun Devil Connections. Chat about anything and everything ASU with fellow students in the #sun-devils-connect channel, participate in online club activities and conversation and collaborate with your classmates on group projects using the direct message feature. Slack is your all-in-one tool for academic success and Sun Devil community connections.

Pitch is moving to Slack to personalize your experience. Level up. Join the conversation by downloading Slack today.


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