Finding a home with ASU Online: Jackie's journey, part 1

August 11, 2016 · 3 min read · By Jackie
 Jackie was looking for a university that provided her flexibility around her full-time job. Learn why she chose ASU Online.

Hello, fellow (and future) Sun Devils! My name’s Jackie and I’m an ASU Online Student living in Chicago. I am an English major with a passion for reading, watching Grey’s Anatomy with my dog, and spending time traveling whenever possible.  I’ll be blogging about my ASU Journey over the next few months, so make sure you stay tuned to Jackie's journey.

My first three semesters of college were spent at an on-ground university less than an hour from my hometown. Freshman year I had the stereotypical college experience and LOVED it: maneuvering dorm and campus life, ordering food at 3 AM with my floormates and struggling to get up for those early lecture classes. I was very lucky to have an older sister who attended the same school, which helped me adjust.

After my first year, my sister graduated and I headed home for the summer and secured a job. My job was great and I decided to continue working on the weekends during the fall semester for extra money. Within the first week back in the fall, I realized that my advisor had me sign up for a class I hadn’t taken prerequisites for, I was in over my head and couldn’t find the support I needed. I couldn’t find a friend group I fit with and felt lost in the crowd. My unhappiness didn’t dissipate with time and I knew that I had to make a change.

I found ASU Online as I researched less expensive options for higher education. My mom encouraged me to give my university one more try and if I was still unhappy, I could pursue alternative options. Upon return, I was unhappier with the experience than before. My cousin started at ASU on the Tempe campus and loved it, so my decision was made. I packed up my dorm room at the end of my fall semester and haven’t regretted it since.

My experience with ASU has been nothing but positive. My advisors have been great with helping me choose classes that are right for me and my success coach is always a call or click away. I’m living at home with my parents and my sister and love being around people who support me and my choices.

I’m working full time and go to California to visit my boyfriend every other month. This upcoming fall semester, I’ll travel to California for three weeks and New Orleans for one. None of this would be possible without ASU Online!

I’m extremely excited to be ASU Online’s first Brand Ambassador and can’t wait to share my junior year experience. Follow along as I explore everything ASU Online has to offer and map my course to graduation.

Get to Know Jackie:

  • I couldn’t live without my computer! Being an online student and in a long-distance relationship, my computer is basically my life.
  • My favorite class I’ve taken at ASU is SOC 315: Courtship and Marriage. I love sociology and it was super interesting!
  • I’m embarrassed that I love watching military homecoming videos and cry my eyes out to each and every one.
  • After college, I hope to get my teaching license and teach high school English. I’d love to teach back at my old high school!

XO Jacks

The flexibility of ASU Online allows me to live my life how I please and do coursework around other obligations.


Brand Ambassador


About the author

Jackie is an ASU Online student living in Chicago. She's an English major with a passion for reading, watching Grey’s Anatomy with her dog, and spending time traveling whenever possible.

We're so excited to share Jackie's story! Jackie is a part of our #LearnASULive team, an ASU Online brand ambassador program highlighting students who are earning their degrees while living their lives to the fullest.

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