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Tips for online classes from a pro

April 18, 2019 · 2 min read · By Alicia Gillum

ASU Online student Alicia Gillum gives advice about how to succeed with online courses.


Remember a time when you waited until the last minute to get something done?

The stress and anxiety of scrambling to get everything done correctly before it’s too late can be overwhelming. My advice is to start your assignment ahead of time. It’ll be so much less stressful than waiting until the last minute to do it.

Starting my assignments in advance allows me to work on them in small increments. By doing this, I don’t get overwhelmed, and I have more time to properly correct my assignment before the due date. The first day of class I would thoroughly read the syllabus and make note of assignment due dates. My calendar had the dates listed with reminders. Prior to the start of my week, I would go into my planner to review those upcoming dates. This gave me an idea of how to manage my time. Once I had an idea of how my week would be panning out, I would set aside time to study at my favorite coffee shop or quiet place. Managing my time in this way allowed me to fit in time for study while enjoying my personal time away from work.

Though I have graduated, I still apply this process throughout my day-to-day life. Like college, my career has deadlines for tasks that are due. If I don’t get them in on time, then my workload is affected. You never know what can come up. While I was in school, there were days where I had to work extra hours after taking unexpected breaks, whether for a life event or mental clarity.

I follow the calendar process in my career as now I am managing work-life balance, and similar moments that call for unpredictable breaks arise (because that’s life!).

Alicia Gillum

Brand Ambassador

Bonus tip: I’m far from a procrastinator, but I find that my most creative self comes out early in the morning when my mind is well rested, so that’s when I write my papers. Identify a time of day that best works for you and stick to it. This will help bring out the creativity.

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