5 tried and true tips to writing on the road

October 24, 2019 · 3 min read · By Ashley Wineland
Travel doesn't need to get in the way of your studies as an online student. ASU Online brand ambassador Ashley Wineland shares five tips for successful writing on the road.
One of the luxuries of pursuing your education online is that you can take school with you anywhere. I always tell people, “If I have an Internet connection at some point in my trip, we are good to travel!” There is a lot of fun to be had with learning on the go; however, we can sometimes be tasked with a nice long writing assignment that can really scramble plans if one does not come prepared. As a fellow traveler, I hope to pass on some tried and true tips that will help you prep for writing that essay on the go.

Plan ahead of time

If your class begins before your trip, make sure to read the syllabus and course work schedule to see when your essay assignments are due. This way, you can get a clear view of your schedule on the road and work in time to type out your assignment. Looking ahead also gives you the ability to prep your sources and do any correlating coursework ahead of your travel time. Just like you would pack your suitcase before you leave, pack your sources and other information ahead of time so you don’t have to scramble on the road.


Know what kind of space you need

This is a very important factor in your writing pursuits. Some people know they can work in loud, busy places; other people need stillness and quiet. Knowing your ideal working environment is essential to guarantee your full focus to the assignment. Going back to point number one, plan ahead to know where you are going to be able to work in your best space.


Take a break

Don’t try to sit down for hours at a time and try to bang out your essay. All you’ll do by going that route is go cross-eyed, get a headache and not produce your best work. Allocate a segment of time to put your head down, work, and then give yourself a set amount of time to step away from the keyboard and focus on something else.


Let your travel companions know you have work to do

When you are traveling with other people, make sure to let them know ahead of time that you have to take some time to work on your education during the trip. This way, they know to give you space and won’t be pressuring you to go out and do something when you are supposed to be writing.


Enjoy the moment

Appreciate the fact that you are able to explore the world and get your education at the same time! Bringing a negative attitude to your writing session won’t help you write. Instead, approach the computer with lots of gratitude about the life you are able to live. This is what an online education is about! Live as you learn!


About the author

Ashley Wineland is a brand ambassador from Glendale, Arizona. She’s pursuing a bachelor's degree in film and media studies through ASU Online.

We're so excited to share Ashley’s story! Ashley is a part of our #LearnASULive team, an ASU Online brand ambassador program highlighting students who are earning their degrees while living their lives to the fullest. If you enjoyed this, be sure to check back for new articles from Ashley so that you can follow along with her journey. To check out all her posts to date, visit Ashley’s Twitter, Facebook and website.

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