Online journey to an electrical engineering degree

Though she excelled in her job as an entry-level engineering technician, Eileen Naski knew earning her degree was necessary to further her career. In her search for alternatives to the on-campus experience, Naski discovered Arizona State University Online’s electrical engineering program in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. She felt the challenge of the program would be well worth the risk if she put in the hard work, and the online delivery would help her avoid years of driving in congested big-city traffic to get to and from classes.

Now an ASU Online graduate, Naski’s degree paid off within months of completing the program when she was asked to join her company’s technology transformation team: “Even though I had 10 years of industry experience, this degree is still worth its weight in gold. ASU made me smarter and in the long term, that is going to mean more money-making potential, and it’s going to open doors to doing a lot of great things.”

To read Eileen’s full story, visit Full Circle.

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