Why be sustainable? Benefits of organizational sustainability

October 08, 2018 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

Sustainability initiatives provide quantitative and qualitative benefits, and organizations can achieve these outcomes with leaders dedicated to lean practices.


Organizations succeed when they go green

Sustainability has grown beyond household recycling, with major corporations now investing in green practices. When businesses source recycled materials, implement lean workflows and complete other steps to reduce waste, they can create benefits for their organizations and the planet.

Additionally, they can avoid fines and penalties. Entities like the Environmental Protection Agency enforce standards that protect local communities and fight the effects of climate change.

Sustainability can also have qualitative benefits. Consumers like purchasing products from environmentally conscious companies, and job seekers consider corporate sustainability practices when evaluating potential employers.

To reach these outcomes, businesses need professionals who can champion their current initiatives and target new approaches to reduce waste while increasing profits.

Champions for sustainability change.

Green initiatives can function at all levels of an organization. Sustainability specialists are among the professionals who help businesses realize the cost savings, improved consumer sentiment and other advantages that arise from these practices.

They evaluate sustainability goals to ensure the strategies are cost-effective and avoid too much logistical complexity, according to O*Net OnLine. Moreover, they report to investors and other stakeholders on the progress of current initiatives and plans for future objectives.

Urban planners have similar duties for land use and development, as noted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Often working in government settings, they lead sustainability that benefits public resources and communities.

Lead the way in sustainability.

If you’re interested in helping organizations implement green practices to protect the environment, improve investor relationships and experience more benefits, you may want to consider earning an online master’s degree in sustainability. This field of study is relatively new, offering possibilities for professionals to be the next operations managers and chief sustainability officers who create transformational change at hospitals, manufacturing plants, technology companies and more. You can work to improve your qualifications for success in this area with the ASU Online Master of Sustainability Leadership program, offered through the first comprehensive School of Sustainability in the United States.


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