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Getting an edge in an evolving job market can be challenging, but it’s just the beginning. Over the course of a post-college career, working professionals are expected to learn new skills and remain sharp in their area of expertise.  

ASU has launched Continuing and Professional Education, an online suite of self-paced courses that gives professionals the boost they need within their career.

Continuing and Professional Education offers many courses that range from project management to beekeeping. Most of the competency-based courses are fully online, and ideal for teachers, businesspeople and other learners seeking to advance their knowledge in non-credit earning classes.

Each course will generate a digital badge once completed, which can be used anywhere online to show prospective employers. Eventually, the program will offer discounts to ASU Alumni as well.

“If you look at an individual’s career path once they leave with an undergraduate degree, they’re going to continue to need to learn new skills and refresh skills throughout their professional career,” said Darcy Richardson, director of continuing education for EdPlus, the unit at ASU that’s responsible for innovative digitally enhanced education initiatives and partnerships.

Richardson says that people need to be able to stand out from their competition in order to progress in their careers. Continuing and Professional Education at ASU aims to develop the skills necessary to help professionals get the edge they need, and ultimately lead change within their company.

“Employers tell me, ‘If I’m looking at an individual who has taken the time to further their education, even informally, that tells me they’re committed to learning and development, which makes them a better candidate’,” Richardson said.

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