ASU and Starbucks Partner to Make College Affordable

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Starbucks has set a new standard for how public companies can serve their employees.

Those working at Starbucks can now enroll in the ASU’s top-ranked online degree programs through ASU Online with full tuition reimbursement and no commitments upon graduation.

ASU Online is proud to offer the same quality curriculum, support services, and faculty involvement to these students as each program’s on-campus equivalent.

Shortly following the announcement of the innovative ASU/Starbucks partnership, President of Arizona State University, Michael M. Crow, and CEO of the Starbucks Coffee Company, Howard Schultz, co-authored an article for The Huffington Post titled “America Can’t Afford College That’s Unaffordable”. Their contribution highlights many of the issues facing higher education today, and how opportunities offered by the Starbucks College Achievement Plan can help address them.

In their post, the two authors note how America's graduation rates lag behind those of other developed countries. They recognize how students are often limited by where they come from rather than their grades or commitment to education. With this partnership, the two companies seek to impact what they call “an inequality of opportunity,” citing troublesome statistics such as average student debt, dwindling graduation rates, and the low number of high school graduates seeking any sort of post-secondary training at all.

“We hope more employers will join us by making an investment in tomorrow's workforce by increasing access to a college degree,” Crow and Schultz write, bringing a call-to-action to employers across the nation. “Just as it always has been in America, the future of our nation will come from all social strata, and a college degree is their ticket to upward mobility.”

For more information about the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, visit ASU Online.

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