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ASU Online expands business, education and health degrees

Arizona State University today announced the creation of thirteen new online degree programs, reaching a total of more than 110 undergraduate and graduate degree programs entirely online. This development further demonstrates the university’s visionary leadership in scaling and expanding its online program to meet the evolving needs of students around the world.

ASU currently serves more than 80,000 students from all fifty states and more than 120 nations across the globe, more than 20,000 of which are online students. The new Fall 2016 undergraduate programs include Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Tourism and Business Administration; and Bachelor of Science degrees in Community Health, Nutrition – Food and Nutrition Management, Health Care Coordination, Business Data Analytics, Marketing, Management and Psychology. New graduate programs include a Master of Education in Educational Technology, a Master in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Analytics in Higher Education and a Graduate Certificate in the Science of Health Care Delivery. Enrollment for these programs is now open for the Fall B semester, starting October 2016.

“These new programs expand the offerings in some of our top degree specializations, including Business, Education and Health,” said Leah Lommel, Assistant Vice President of EdPlus at ASU and Chief Operating Officer of ASU Online. “Additionally, these programs broaden the areas in which our current and prospective students can pursue their educational and career interests while pursuing a degree fully online.”

As part of its continuing leadership in expanding access to higher education, ASU transcends boundaries with its dedication to accessibility and ensuring that every qualified student has the opportunity to pursue a degree, regardless of his or her background. Named the most innovative school in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, ASU is visionary, scaling its commitment to meet the evolving needs of students around the world. ASU Online is headquartered at ASU’s SkySong Campus and offers more than 60 undergraduate and 50 graduate degree programs entirely online. The online program holds the same accreditation as the university’s traditional program and provides opportunities for students to learn from the same faculty, engage with the same academic material and benefit from the same resources as students who attend courses on campus, which is a unique opportunity compared to for-profit organization’s online offerings.

The development of these new online programs resulted from ASU’s commitment to making its top degree specializations available to all qualified learners, regardless of if they’re on-campus and online, and its leadership in recognizing the changing needs of students and of the market. For example, the online Bachelor of Science in Health Care Coordination prepares students to effectively coordinate resources to optimize individual health outcomes. Changes in the health care system place greater emphasis and financial incentives on preventing disease and maintaining healthy lifestyles, meaning there is an increased demand for care coordination services to assist individuals and their support teams.

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