Planning for success

Your Academic Advisor is trained to know all of your degree requirements from beginning to end, and can assist in planning your courses in an appropriate sequence. You can direct most university-related questions to your advisor; if they do not have the answer, they will point you to the available resource that does.

Degree Phone
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
(Org Studies; Dual Concentration)

Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Art (Art History) 480-965-4495
Bachelor of Arts in Business (all concentrations)
Bachelor of Arts in Food Industry Management 480-727-5183
Bachelor of Arts in History 480-965-8364
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies 602-496-5055
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Bachelor of Science in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 602-543-6265
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish 480-965-6281
Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability 480-727-6963
Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Health Science - Healthy Lifestyles Coaching
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Communication
Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development
Bachelor of Applied Science in Operations Management Technology
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry 480-965-7667
Bachelor of Science in Communication 480-965-5095
Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice 602-496-2356
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management 480-965-3199
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 480-965-3424
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management
Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies 480-965-7682
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) 602-496-2197
Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development
Bachelor of Science in Sustainability 480-727-6963

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