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Students pursuing the online Spanish BA degree at Arizona State University will reach advanced levels of listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency in the language.

In addition, students will also gain an advanced understanding of the cultural context of Spanish, Latin American and Mexican American traditions through the analysis of texts, mass media and important social debates throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Career options for Spanish BA degree graduates include educators, researchers and translators. Graduates may also combine Spanish with other professional fields such as business, engineering, journalism, political science, the health professions, social services and government.

A minor and a BIS concentration in Spanish are also offered online. The program is student centered and individually tailored since students may test out of lower-and upper-division language courses. Students pursuing the online Spanish BA must also take a language placement test. This exam will determine a suggested course level and is available online. Learn more about the test here.

The cost of this program is $480 per credit hour, with no additional program fees.

Available minors can be found on our undergraduate minors page.

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