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Online learning & education with ASU

How do ASU students learn online? What does the “classroom” look like? How are courses structured? Learn how course content is built by our team of instructional designers in tandem with award-winning faculty to create a media-rich experience for every student:

Succeeding in your online degree program means being organized and resource-aware. ASU students have free access to all of the “products” courses may use, so become familiar with the options and comfortable using the variety of tools available.

Planning & organization

ASU was one of the first universities to partner with Google to offer students their Apps for Education. Because it’s important to keep university deadlines and course due dates handy, you can access Google’s Calendar directly from your My ASU page.

Document management & collaboration

You have several options as an ASU student for creating documents, presentations or spreadsheets. Google Drive, Microsoft Office, iWork, PDF readers and more are all available to use at no cost through MyASU. Many students take advantage of Google Drive, which in addition to allowing you to save your work “in the cloud,” making it accessible from any Internet-connected device, also offers a sharing feature. Real-time and asynchronous collaboration with classmates via Google Drive can be valuable when collaborating online means managing classmates’ busy schedules, and sometimes different time zones. Learn more about Google’s collaboration features here.


While many classes embed videos inside courses, we recommend that you have at least one video player on your computer. Adobe Flash Player is strongly recommended and can be downloaded here. Windows Media Player is another option; download it for free here. Quicktime is Apple’s free video player, available here.

Time expectations

For a 7.5 week session, a student should be prepared to spend 6 hours a week on coursework for every 1 course credit.

The following table displays the number of course credits for a single 7.5 week session course, and the corresponding number of hours expected to be spent on coursework:

# of Course Credits # of Expected Coursework Hours per Week
3 18
4 24

So if a student is signed up for 2 or 3 courses during a 7.5 week session, and each course is worth 3 credits, then they should expect to spend anywhere between 36 to 54 hours a week on coursework.

ASU’s Online Student Welcome site walks you through the student experience in short videos. Learn about scheduling your time, connecting to your student community and many other important orientation topics—explore it here.